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Looking to leave a lasting impression on your team, guests, and every individual connected to your brand with cutting-edge concepts? Position your organization at the forefront of innovation and open the gateway to new possibilities and insights with my engaging keynote.


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Renowned for delivering insights with unparalleled clarity, I navigate the complexities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with ease. As a German engineer with a rich background in virtual animation and emerging technologies spanning over 25 years, I’ve now ventured into the realm of public speaking. Leveraging my deep-seated experience, I aim to ignite innovation and chart a path to success with clear, impactful guidance.


Elevated by dedicated public speaking training and a first-place victory in a Toastmasters tournament, my approach to communication is both clear and compelling. I specialize in transforming complex ideas into accessible insights, inviting audiences to explore the future with clarity.

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“Before attending Christiane’s keynote, I was skeptical about AI’s relevance to my daily life, assuming it was years away from making a real impact. Christiane not only shattered this misconception but also illuminated the immediate effects and opportunities AI presents. It’s a testament to her skill and insight that I now see AI through a lens of potential, eager to explore how it intersects with my personal and professional worlds. Christiane’s ability to make the complex accessible has completely transformed my outlook.”
Mirena Höger

“The thought of AI always left me feeling overwhelmed and apprehensive, like it was a tidal wave I was powerless to stop. Christiane’s presentation was a revelation, turning my fear into empowerment. She demystified AI, showing its potential as a tool for positive change and personal growth. Thanks to Christiane, I now approach AI with confidence, seeing myself as an influencer in my community, ready to guide others through the challenges and opportunities AI brings.”
Ken Kobayashi


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